Why Do Personal Injury Settlements Take So Long?

Why Do Personal Injury Settlements Take So Long (1)

There are multiple Factors that Influence the progress of Personal Injury Settlements.

Some of them are:

  1. The duration of the Medical Treatment (Maximum Medical Improvement):

It can take time to determine the full extent of the injuries occurred due to an accident. In most cases, patients may still be receiving medical treatment years after the accident occurs. Unless your doctor believes that you have healed completely from the injuries, you will not be released from treatment.

Personal Injury lawsuit cannot be closed until you are released from medical treatment. The medical records have to be sent to the attorney, and included in the demand letter for compensation.

Attorneys will not be able to ask for medical reimbursement until the doctor releases you from his care.

If it takes you months or years to recover, the negotiation process will also get delayed accordingly.

  1. The amount of Compensation Involved:

If the amount of compensation involved in your personal injury lawsuit is large, settlement will get delayed. Because the insurance companies will investigate every single aspect of the case including every detail of liability and damage.

Attorney will have to convince the insurance company of the following:

  • The injuries were severe and resulted from the accident.
  • That the victim is a credible person and they will not be able to damage the credibility.
  • That they do not have a defense against the lawsuit.

Insurance companies continually delay the settlement process to see if you will give up and just accept a lower settlement amount. They know that people who are severely injured are in need of money. They will use this to exploit and try to get them to settle quickly and for a less amount than what they deserve.

  1. If the defendant is cooperative:

Most of the times the defendant in the case will not own up to their mistake and offer you compensation. The insurers of the defendants will try to get out of paying you anything if possible.

The insurance company tries to place liability on you and delay paying you the money that you deserve. They may even try to get you to make a statement that releases them from the responsibility of compensating you. So it is important to speak with your attorney first before speaking to your insurance adjuster.

This is another reason why the Personal Injury Settlements get delayed.

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