Pre-Settlement Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding Companies in California

Car Accident Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Loan

Pre-Settlement Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding Companies in California:

The Lawsuit Funding Industry in growing rapidly. There are numerous funding companies in California today. The plaintiffs are having more options than ever before.

Unfortunately this sector is not yet regulated, making the claimants vulnerable. Extracting higher fees and dragging plaintiffs into prolonged litigation.

The most important step in opting for a Pre-settlement cash advance is choosing an honest and ethical lawsuit funding company.

Tips for Researching Pre-Settlement Auto-Accident Lawsuit Funding Companies in California:

Approachable and Responsive:

Opt for a Lawsuit Funding Company which is willing to work with you and your attorney closely. The funding company has to be punctual with their commitments and keep you informed timely. It has to be approachable and always available to answer all your queries.

Look for Low Interest Rates:

While some funding companies may offer you some extra Dollars comparatively, they may also be trapping you for higher interest rates. Make sure you are very well aware of the interest rates. Always consider offers from a couple of funding companies to choose the most appropriate one.

Compound interest is another thing to watch-out. If the funding company compounds the interest, it results in huge amounts for you to pay-back. This could eat up almost your whole settlement amount.

Understand the Terms & Conditions:

Read all the loan terms and understand them before approval. Do not sign without understanding the agreement thoroughly.  Look for a fee structure that is simple, clear and easy to understand.

Fast and Easy, Hassle Free Process:

Professional Lawsuit Funding Companies are quick with their process. Since the approval depends solely on the facts of your case. They can make an offer to you within 24-48 hours of receiving your application.

EZ Legal Funds simplifies the process with 3 steps:

Apply Online/by Phone

Case Assessment

Advance Offer

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