Can I get money before the final claim settlement?

Pre-settlement funding is one way to get money before the final claim settlement.

Lawsuits can take a long time to settle. You may struggle to find cash to pay your bills during the litigation. Pre-Settlement Lawsuit advance companies help you get cash relief before your claim is settled. Pre-settlement funding providers offer cash advances to victims entitled to receive financial compensation from a pending case. The provider advances the cash you need to pay your bills while your lawsuit is still pending. This allows you to focus on recovering from your injuries and focus on ways to get maximum compensation from your case.

How can you benefit from a lawsuit advance?

Getting involved in an accident often leaves you in a financial crisis; forcing you to a quick settlement by taking the insurance claim adjuster’s low-ball offer to settle. A Pre-settlement Funding offers you the benefit of getting cash before your case is settled. So you can cover your living expenses and continue fighting the insurance company or defendant for a fair lawsuit payout.

Do I need to have a lawyer to qualify for pre-settlement funding?

Yes, having an attorney working with you to file a lawsuit is required to take out a pre-settlement cash advance. The legal funding company will contact your attorney for information about your claim. This information will help determine how much funding you can get from your expected lawsuit money.

When can you apply for a Pre-settlement cash advance?

You can apply for a pre-settlement cash advance during any stage of your personal injury lawsuit claim. If your attorney has sufficient information about your case, such as liability, damages, and insurance coverage data, pre-settlement funding underwriters can consider your case for funding.

How do I get cash from my lawsuit today?

Begin your lawsuit advance process by filling out the pre-settlement funding application or calling us to do an application right over the phone.

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