How to apply for pre-settlement funding

Here is a step by step process of How to Apply for a Pre-settlement Funding:

1: Hire an Attorney:

Choose an experienced attorney to handle your case. A good attorney understands the pre-settlement legal funding process well. This will benefit you when requesting for lawsuit funding. It is important that your attorney specializes in contingency-fee agreements. This refers to loans in which the lawyers agree to be paid from the settlement amount determined by the court.

Consult other plaintiffs and do a thorough research to find the right personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney will help you approach the best Legal Funding Company.Therefore choosing the best attorney is a crucial step.

2: Approach the best Legal Funding Company:

Determining the best legal funding company will be stressful, but it is worth the effort. Consider legal funding companies with long histories of success, good reviews, and strong records of great customer service. Compare fee structures, processing fees, terms, and conditions. Most importantly, look for approachability and transparency. Always prefer better service to pricing.

Because better service fetches your better deals.

3: Apply by filling the Form:

Now that you have chosen the legal funding company, apply by filling out the online application forms. Or contact them via the phone numbers provided. Fill out all the particulars requested on the form like name, phone, address, and qualifying questions about your case. Fill the details like attorney’s name, type of case, date of the accident, injuries incurred, and the date the lawsuit was filed.

Once you have filled and submitted the form, the concerned person will contact you for further proceedings.

4: The Legal Funding Company Contacts Your Attorney:

After receiving the form, the legal funding company contacts your attorney to get your case details. Once the required documentation is done, the lending company forwards your case to their underwriting department. They review the merits of the case. Credit checks/employment verification is not required, because the financing decision is based solely on the strength of your case. If your case is promising, the legal funding company  contacts you and your attorney to sign a contract. Most importantly, resolve all your doubts by reading the fine print before signing the contract.

After approval by both sides, the lending company transfers the funds approved to your bank account. Your legal funding company can provide you additional finances if you need more money as the case develops. (This may vary from company to company)


You will not be asked to pay back the loan until your case settles successfully. Most important, if your case doesn’t succeed, you owe the lending company nothing. This is because legal funding is a cash advance, not a loan.

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